We love good wine. And we love a good party.
But we’ve noticed that the two don’t always go together. Turn up at a festival, a corporate event, a wedding or a big party and it’s always the same old plonk, served without care or knowledge of the grape... and for us bad wine means bad times, which maybe ok for for some, but for us ok is not good enough. 

So we’ve done something about it.

Meet Vin Van Voom.

Invite our wine experts to your party

We bring quality wines and fizz, uniquely sourced by our very own wine expert, to where we’re needed most. Your event. Our wines are a bit special, sourced from family-owned vineyards, and chosen for drinkability, sophistication and value for money. Your wine-loving guests will be impressed. 

Event catering with style and sophistication

What’s more, we serve them with smiles and expertise from our rather retro (but spanking new) based on a 50's style Airstream trailer. Bottles of pleasure, with bucketfuls of style. And worry not if you don’t know your Asti from your Malbec – we’ll help you choose exactly the right wines for your occasion. But even if you are a bit of a wine buff, we think you’ll still be excited and intrigued by what we’re offering.  

So, if good wine is your idea of a good time, let’s get together and put a little Vin Van Voom into your special event. 

Vin Van Voom. 

Good wine, good times.


“Penicillin cures, but wine makes people happy”.
— Alexander Fleming
“Wine is the most civilized thing in the world”.
— Ernest Hemingway
“Beer is made by men, wine by God!”.